新世界中心 New World Center / Gehry Partners

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新世界中心 New World Center / Gehry Partners

An intimate space, the performance hall is designed to support everything from solo recitals to
concerts by the New World Symphony’s full orchestra. To simulate the acoustical conditions of a
much larger concert hall within a relatively small space, the design provides sufficient volume for
the sound to develop.
The three key components of the acoustical design of the performance hall are: Room shape –
The tall ceiling, rising to approximately 50 feet above the stage, creates the volume required to
produce a warm and rich resonance for orchestral music. Small walls have also been positioned
to surround the audience in order to ensure the distribution of early reflections to all audience
members for greater clarity. Materials – Attention has been paid to the weight and surface of the
acoustic baffles, since they are the most important elements for reflecting bass tones and
creating warmth. The ceiling baffle surfaces are coated with a very thin layer of soft material to
temper the tonal quality of high frequencies, and micro-shaping has been applied to the main
walls surrounding the inner audience and the stage area in order to provide an even and diffuse
sound to the entire auditorium. Noise Control – The performance hall’s mechanical system is
designed to produce no discernible background noise, creating the acoustic rating of NC15.