Iwan Baan镜头下马岩松设计的“朝阳公园广场”

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在极端现代主义建筑泛滥的中央商务区,马岩松希望通过”朝阳公园项目”将一种生机勃勃的山水文化注入新的城市实践。今年八月,国际建筑摄影大师Iwan Baan来到北京为MAD新作“朝阳公园广场”拍摄。


今年八月,国际建筑摄影大师Iwan Baan来到北京为MAD新作“朝阳公园广场”拍摄。其时正是北京重雾霾天气,虽不是通常的建筑拍摄所期待的好天气,但却记录了这座建筑所在城市最真实常见的状态。

Iwan Baan visited Beijing in early August, when the summer heat and humid climate left a heaviness in the air – one that could be seen and felt. Over the course of the days he was scheduled to shoot “Chaoyang Park Plaza”, he was dealt less than ideal photographic conditions. But, this is real Beijing, and it offered Iwan Baan the opportunity to photograph MAD’s latest project in its truest environment.

▼雾霾下的朝阳公园广场,一种真实常见的状态,Chaoyang Park Plaza in a hazy day, which reveals a real condition of the city 


“Chaoyang Park Plaza” is shaped by smooth, curved surfaces that create a calming and surreal atmosphere. It translates natural forms and spaces from traditional Chinese ink landscape paintings into large-scale architectural forms, and introduces them into the urban context. With the grey atmosphere looming, Iwan Baan was able to capture MAD’s design in a way that evokes a different mood.

▼建筑群将城市中的人造物“自然化”,突破了朝阳公园与城市的界线,the complex translates natural forms and spaces into large-scale architectural forms, and introduces them into the urban context 

▼广场上的楼群近景,shots of the buildings from the plaza 

▼建筑内部,internal spaces 

▼俯瞰城市,aerial view towards the city 

在Iwan Baan拍摄的相片中,一些独特的视角也反应了建筑与城市现实和城市环境有趣的反差。对于这种反差,马岩松说,“我认为这不是我们的问题,真正的问题是这个城市本来的文化脉络什么时候消失了?中国城市没有必要追随西方工业文明的脚步,而应该设法创造出一种不同的城市,在精神文化高度上能和那些具有东方自然哲学和智慧的古典城市相提并论的新城市。”

In his images, “Chaoyang Park Plaza”, even with its soft, organic lines, and poetic silhouette, offer a very strong visual contrast to its surrounding urban setting. Iwan’s photos show how MAD’s design confronts Beijing’s central business district, in a way that makes it distinct from the typical box-like towers positioned around it. Ma Yansong’s comment on this contrast, “We have the opportunity to try and create a different kind of city, that on a spiritual and cultural level, can be compared to the classical cities like Beijing, that are of Eastern philosophy and wisdom.”

▼极具未来感的轮廓宏伟而沉静地融入城市的天际线,the?futurism profile of the building becomes a part of the city’s skyline, magnificently yet silently

▼树影之间,between shadows of the trees

▼夜幕下的广场,the plaza at night

▼城市之间,in the urban landscape