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自然的地表径流透过透水砖下渗,汇入沼泽的蓄水层,仅有少量溢出部分顺着铺设的管道注入园内的大湖中… 公园基地位于泰国北标府,毗邻Mittraphap高速,其前身是个贫瘠的果园用地。改造后的公园实现了生态可持续发展,成为当地环境保护教育的范例。同时公园里的数栋小建筑联系了外来游客和当地居民,通过销售当地的特色产品促进经济增长,实现市场的良性发展。种植了各种农产品和草药的花园间,休憩场地和洗


As a CSR project of the owner Siam City Cement’, to create a social & ecological sustainable project on a deteriorated orchard land of 22 rai on the Mittraphap highway at Thap Kwang, Khang Khoi, Saraburi. The objective is to create an environmental education/ preservation awareness place as well as to promote the social service convergence/ interacted place for the local and the tourist for economics that will benefit the local OTOP product and temporary market. Thus, the special blend of rest area with service facilities such as toilets, coffee shop, shops, permanent and temporary local product vendors in the park like atmosphere together with Public Park with agricultural/herbal garden and vernacular landscape were created.

▽ 公园毗邻高速公路,远处的群山形成了连绵不绝的背景,the park is next to the highway with the continues mountains as background

▽ 落成后的公园吸引着当地居民和外来游客,the park become a local attraction both for the locals and tourists

▽ 点缀在林间的服务性建筑设施,a special blend of nature with service facilities



Our main concept from site planning to landscape architectural design were to use the Tub Kwang vernacular landscape as a main landscape scene which embrace the Thai style layout of the community centre / market place of the local’s ‘Baan Lom Lan' and preserve the existing trees.

▽ 顶视图,泰国典型平面形式,建筑环绕广场而建,topview, Thai style layout of the community centre / market place

▽ 建筑前的小广场,buildings and squares



The ecological sustainable concepts were used extensively throughout the site in all aspects of the landscape design from layout site plan to locate all facilities and buildings from functional and aesthetic approach. Natural surface drainage runoff, together with the owner’s product of pervious pavement, are to promote the water to charge back to the aquifer in the collecting swale and only the overflow that will carry through a minimum of laid inlet to fill in the big created pond.

▽ 透水性铺装,pervious pavement



Wind / Sun energy were used to create electricity for the lighting as well as to push the turbine to run the water into the stream and waterfall.

▽ 点缀林间的风车,Wind mills in the park


▽ 湖中的涡轮和小溪, turbine in the lake and the stream



One of a very important message is in our selection of plant materials which are very common vernaculars plants that many are recognized as weed. They will be used to show it natural beauty potential to the eyes of the local as well as the big city dweller not to overlook them no matter how common they and wish people will nurture and preserve such common beauty.

▽ 在公园中繁茂生长的乡土植物和农作物,lush vernaculars plants