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我们也同样需要关心照顾…人们需要关心和照顾差不多和植物需要阳光和浇水样…如果说我们看到个家庭成员或朋友意气消沉,也许我们能给他或她些特别的关心照顾…我们大家都需要些人关心我们,倾听我们… 植物与人当我们关心植物的时候,它们会茁壮成长。这就意味着要给它们浇水,照顾它们,把它们放在阳光充足的地方。如果株植物的边缘下垂,或在阳光下让人陶醉,就需要它周围的人们关心照顾。人们对植物的关心
  Plants grow best when we pay attention to them. That means watering, touching them, putting them in places where they will receive good light. They need people around them to notice if they are drooping at the edges or looking particularly happy in the sunlight. The more attention a plant receives, the better it will grow.
  We need to be noticed in the same way. If we notice a family member or friend is drooping, perhaps we can pay some special attention to him or her. All of us need someone to care about how we are and to truly listen to us. We can share and double someone’s happiness by noticing and talking about it also. We help the people around us to grow by listening to their droopy edges as well as their bright days. People need this as much as plants need light and water.

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