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已公布了为卡塔尔2022年世界杯锦标赛建造的最新,最中心的体育馆。由卡塔尔建筑师Ibrahim M Jaidah和设计顾问Heerim设计,Al Thumama体育场将采用阿拉伯男子戴用的传统“gahfiya”帽子的编织图案外观。


已公布了为卡塔尔2022年世界杯锦标赛建造的最新,最中心的体育馆。由卡塔尔建筑师Ibrahim M Jaidah和设计顾问Heerim设计,Al Thumama体育场将采用阿拉伯男子戴用的传统“gahfiya”帽子的编织图案外观。

Designs have been revealed of the latest, and most central soccer stadium being constructed for the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar. Designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim M Jaidah and design consultant Heerim, the Al Thumama Stadium will feature a woven-pattern exterior skin inspired by the traditional ‘gahfiya’ cap worn by Arab men.



Located six kilometers south of downtown Doha, the stadium will be used from from the group stages to the quarterfinals, seating up to 40,000 spectators. Following the event, it will be transformed into a “legacy mode” containing 20,000 seats and featuring a sports clinic and boutique hotel in the upper stands. While the World Cup will be pushed back from its usual summer date until November, special cooling systems will be installed to allow the stadium to be used year-round.


“Al Thumama体育场是对过去的肯定,同时向卡塔尔的明天提供了令人兴奋的视野。在阿拉伯文化中,gahfiya是每个年轻男孩成年之路的重要组成部分。“负责管理世界杯所需基础设施建设的组织交付与遗产最高委员会解释说。 “这是一个标志卡塔尔青年的舞台,该国作为全球体育舞台上的主要角色,以及激发其创作的共同阿拉伯文化遗产。”

“Al Thumama Stadium is a nod to the past, while offering an exciting glimpse into Qatar’s tomorrow. In Arab culture, the gahfiya forms an important part of every young boy’s pathway to adulthood,” explains the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the organization charged with managing the construction of infrastructure required for the World Cup. “It is an arena that symbolises Qatar’s youth, the country’s emergence as a major player on the global sporting scene and the shared Arab heritage that inspired its creation.”


目前,全球其他七个世界杯体育场正在建设中,其中包括诺曼·福斯特事务所的鲁赛尔城体育场(将举行开幕式和闭幕式)以及扎哈·哈迪德建筑师Al Wakrah体育场。

Seven other World Cup stadiums are currently under construction across the country, including Foster + Partners’ Lusail Stadium (where opening and closing ceremonies will be held), and Zaha Hadid Architects’ Al Wakrah Stadium.

建筑师: Ibrahim M Jaidah and Heerim



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