威尔士传奇年展的参赛优生艺术作品 Iron Ring

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威尔士国家历史环境委员会在众多威尔士传奇年展的参赛作品中,选出了George King Architects的作品Iron Ring作为此次活动的优胜艺术作品。该象征着中世纪欧洲古老的皇室及他们的王朝,将于2018年正式向游客开放。

威尔士国家历史环境委员会在众多威尔士传奇年展的参赛作品中,选出了George King Architects的作品Iron Ring作为此次活动的优胜艺术作品。这座即将耗资395,000英镑的艺术品方案于2017年7月21日正式公布,它环形的外貌和锈琢的表面,象征着中世纪欧洲古老的皇室及他们的王朝。该环形作品高7米,直径可达30米,其桥型悬挑外貌由风化锈蚀的钢铁制成。它与地面温柔相嵌,如轻浮的丝带。该作品将于2018年正式向游客开放,届时,游人便可以循环而上,感受周围怡人的自然风光。

A sculpture by George King Architects entitled Iron Ring has been selected by a panel of experts from the Welsh Government’s historic environment service (Cadw), following a nation-wide competition inviting leading artists and architects to propose an art piece celebrating Wales’ Year of Legends.The £395,000 Iron Ring sculpture, unveiled today (21 July 2017) by Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, symbolises a giant rusted crown representing the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe and the castles they built.The sculpture could potentially measure up to seven metres high and 30 metres in diameter, and is designed as a cantilevered bridge structure formed from weathering steel. The structure touches the earth gently, entering the ground in a delicate manner at only two points. The sculpture will be engraved with carefully chosen words to be developed with the local community. When opened in 2018, visitors will be able to walk along the sculpture and enjoy elevated views across the estuary and of the castle.













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