巴黎左岸——Aurore T5B 巴黎酒店

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隈研吾事务所在巴黎左岸区域设计了一处可持续发展的创新型酒店,旨在成为社区中的一处地标式的建筑,为这个区域沿线铁路空间改造项目做出了杰出的贡献。周边沿街建筑的体量感大致相同,重复性很强,设计团队仿照大地被自然侵蚀的过程创造一个雕塑性的建筑外观,让天空降临在巴黎的街道上。最后建筑主体是由模块化的木制结构组成。Part of an ambitious development above the railways in the district Paris-Rive Gauche, this project is a sustainable and innovative hospitality building aiming to become a landmark for the neighborhood. In the context of repetitive volumes along the avenue, our design strategy was to create a sculptural shape as formed by natural erosion that will let the sky come down to the street. The work on the volume is defined by the modularity of the wooden structure.

▼项目位于黎左岸,the project sits in the district of Paris-Rive Gauche


▼建筑外观,building appearance



As particles, dispersed facade panels together with the volumetric decomposition come to blur the shape of the building. The warm materiality of the wood is combined with the soften reflection and aerial touch of the metal panels. The building will come alive with the light.

▼立面的模块化构件,the modular wooden structure on the facade


▼金属板和木构件交错产生迷幻的光感,the alternative composition of wooden and metal panels creates a vivid atmosphere



“在法兰西大道密集的城市环境中,我们试图为这里创造一个会呼吸的绿色空间。” 隈研吾告诉谷德。

“In the dense urban context of the Avenue de France, we felt the need to create a green lung for the city.” Kengo Kuma shared with us.


Nature finds place at the core of the scheme, translated in the intimate public garden where all senses are awoken. Multiple terraces and suspended gardens at various levels will be perceived both from outside and inside of the hotel in a unique way. The depth of the façade, besides creating a comfortable intimacy for the rooms, gives place to a variety of local plants in alternation with revisited Parisian balconies.

▼空中花园中生长着多种多样的植物,multiple terraces and suspended gardens host variety of local vegetation


▼室内外的绿色空间,indoor and outdoor green space on the ground floor

▼立面上的阳台,the facade gives place to form Parisian balconies


屋顶花园,rooftop garden


▼室内效果,interior space


Reinforcing the connection between the busy Avenue and the green promenade on the south, the public garden will resonate with the garden of the National Library close by and rise the attractiveness of the district.

▼城市空间图解,diagram of the city space

▼建筑生成的过程,shape generating process


▼公共花园,public garden






▼底层平面,plan RDC


▼二层平面,Plan R2

▼五层平面,Plan R5

▼九层平面,Plan R9

▼九层夹层平面,Plan R9 Mezzanine





Project: Aurore T5B
Location: Paris, France
On going: 2017-2022
Eco-Luxury Hotel including Sport Facility and Business Center (“1Hotel”), Youth Hostel (“Slo Living”), Performance Bar and Restaurant, Co-working space.
Site area: 2.580 m2
Total Floor Area: 12,700 m2

Design Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Project Director: Matthieu Wotling
Project Manager: Miruna Constantinescu
Team: Hagai Ben Naim, Nicolas Cazali, Paolo Amato
Associates Architects: Marchi Architects (Slo Living Hostel):
Landscape Architects: Horticulture & Jardins / Atelier Georges
Developer: Compagnie de Phalsbourg & Station F
Structure Engineering: Arcadis – Freyssinet – Oteis
Mechanical Engineer: ITF
Acoustics: Lamoureux Acoustics
Project management assistance: Redman
Images credits: Luxigon / Mir

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