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这是由vora arquitectura事务所设计的位于葡萄牙的别墅项目,这个别墅项目的公共起居房间向外敞开,向着中心院落,餐厅有着一个朝着周围环境的露台。五个客房套间位于首层,每个都有自己独立的私人阳台,其中两个鸟瞰附近的城堡。地板和天花板都是混凝土,而软木则分布在室外的墙壁和表面上。家具包含一系列设计师作品和传统的当地织物和物件。

guests can lounge amongst orange trees and a water basin in the secluded courtyard of this dreamy portuguese guesthouse by vora arquitectura. the communal living rooms of villa extramuros open out onto the central courtyard and the dining room has a terrace that faces the surrounding fields and olive trees. the five guest suites are located on the first floor and each have their own private terrace, two of which overlook the nearby arraiolos castle. floors and ceilings inside the building are concrete, while cork lines a selection of exterior walls and surfaces. furnishings comprise a mixture of designer pieces and traditional local textiles and objects.

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