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这是由robert siegel architects事务所设计的位于加拿大与美国边境处的加来入境口岸项目,这个项目之间夹着一个安静的岩石花园,检查站就位于管理大楼两侧巨大的铝板盖顶下面,一些盖顶板面是穿孔的,从而展示出下面的窗户。岩石花园位于场地中间,为员工提供院落空间。

drivers crossing the border from canada into the usa at calais, maine, would never know that there’s a tranquil rock garden sandwiched between the checkpoint buildings designed by new york firm robert siegel architects. inspection points are located beneath canopies on both sides of the administration buildings, which are uniformly clad in aluminium panels. some of the panels are perforated, revealing the locations of windows beneath. the rock garden is at the centre of the site and provides a courtyard that can be used by staff. the project is one in a series of security checkpoints that the firm is working on in the usa.

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